Big Foot Craziness…

Ok, so I’m inclined to believe in Bigfoot, but mostly because I think that the romantic notion of a very shy large ape in our midsts appeals to me. That being said… I don’t think I believe the “bigfoot tour operators” from GA. I keep dismissing the photo (just a lump of fur and guts in a freezer), but the NY Times just wrote an article about it. I trust the NY Times has done some research. They don’t usually write about the alienchild on the cover of the Enquirer, so there might be something to this. Check out their article here, and stay tuned for the press conference today in San Francisco, revealing the DNA results of the freezer’s contents. LONG LIVE THE SASQUATCH!!!

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  1. tg says:

    Dam. I am so wishing this story is TRUE. Bigfoot was so real for me as a little kid!

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