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Locations of the week – SEXY POOLS

Dave Seoane sizes things up. by Plain T



Dave Seoane, steward and fabrication genius of Nemo Design took it upon himself to create an apple box for one of our favorite photographers, Carlin Sundell. Dave saw opportunity for improvement when he spotted our 6′ 7″ Carlin, sitting awkwardly on a standard size apple box while shooting. So, he created an amazingly beautiful and much more functional box for Carlin. Using Plyboo he designed a sturdy, large, and wild looking apple box for Studio Nemo. Thank you Dave!

The Continental Crawler

Our photographer friend, Michael Cogliantry- the Furry Kama Sutra Guy- is on his way here to Portland, OR. He and his lovely family have discovered the beauty of the great Northwest and are documenting their trek across country. IT IS AWESOME!!!!! Enjoy episode 1….

The Continental Crawler: Episode One from Michael Cogliantry on Vimeo.


MOCC in Portland

I am totally in love with the Museum of Contemporary Craft. They have had some great shows since they opened. This one is particularly interesting…

“War Bowl” by Domic Wilcox

Manuf®actured opens this Thursday at MoCC. The exhibition explores the use of “labor-intensive craft practices” to take apart and remold mass produced objects and materials. The wide variety of work examines questions of “overabundance, appropriation, [and] reuse.” MoCC will, as always, stay open for the First Thursday artwalk next week. 

Exhibition • August 28, 2008 – January 4, 2009
Lecture • 6:30pm • September 18
Museum of Contemporary Craft • 724 NW Davis • 503.223.2654 

We love Barack at Nemo

One of our own, Christopher Douglas, has designed these amazing T’s to show his (and I would venture to say all of our) support for Barack Obama for President!!!!! We had a short but fun shoot for them in the studio today. Beautiful shirt, beautiful photo (Carlin Sundell), beautiful models (Liz and Tyler) and a beautiful new start for the US of A. BARACK ME LIKE A HURRICANE!


We’ve been lax on the nemo initiation process with the massive amounts of new employees trickling in so today we decided to catch up and corralled all the new employees and some not so new but yet to be initiated… this process includes the ingestion of (about) 4 drops of vicious viper hotsauce. This sauce is not for the faint of heart….for a few this ended in tears and others it was the bathroom. Thanks for being good sports and welcome to nemo!!!!

Too good to pass up…

wheatpasting from brooklyn

Chase Jarvis gets first dibs on Nikon D90! Luckyyyy!

Chase Jarvis is one lucky son of a B! Nikon teamed up with his crew and gave them all D90’s weeks before the official press release debuting the camera came out, check out the specs here and peep the movie to see all the fun things this camera can do!

Todd T. gets hungry for some VooDew Doughnuts!

The Arcaic Work of Maria Pinar Yolacan

Maria is not only a talented photographer but she is creating her own photographic subjects…that being the clothing she makes from the remains of dead animals. To top this creative genius off she has chosen models from a small island in Brazil of ages 27-90. This is a great follow up to her earlier series of elderly women wearing apparel made of chicken skins. You can check out more of her work online.

Powder & Rails on VBS.TV

Powder & Rails is a new video series on VBS.TV. It covers snowboarding’s early days, day-glo and all! With interviews from Pat Bridges of Snowboarder Magazine, Kevin English of HCSC, Nemo’s own Trevor Graves and many more legends in the game! They give the low down on those days of tindy’s, grassers, eggplants and stiffy mute’s! TUNE IN!

The Voo Dew Doughnuts get Props…

So, according to our Voo Dew Doughnut idea was Rad!!!! Check out his post…


Nemo visits Nike 6.0 Lightning Bolts party

Nike teamed up with Haro Bikes, and a bunch of contemporary artists with a cultural connection to BMX and created original works of art using Haro’s original number plate as their canvas.

more about “Nemo visits Nike 6.0 Lightning Bolts …“, posted with vodpod

Studionemo at 1st day of Dew Tour and FuelTV after party

Today marked the first day of Dew Tour in Portland,OR an StudioNemo was there to capture the awesomeness!

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Voo Dew Doughnut – Nemo and the Dew Tour

Nemo teamed up with Fuel TV to promote their show Dew Underground about the Dew Tour in Portland. We came up with the clever idea of collaborating with Voodoo Doughnuts to create the Mountain Dew doughnut, known from here-out as the Voo Dew!

Voo Dew Doughnut – Nemo and the Dew Tour from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Just going to put it out there….

So I have a big birthday coming up and well, crazier things have happened so I’m just going to put it out there…. 

I would like Woody, the new Verdier Solar Power Westfalia for my birthday. Pretty please. 


Kudos to those designers! 

Nemo’s Work Recognized by Commarts

The Nike 6.0 site Nemo designed was recognized at the site of the day on Commarts today. Radical!

Nemo Props

Nikita talked about us in their blog today….pretty cool! I love their stuff.

Kyle Bennet on the ground, completely jacked at the Beijing Olympics.

Bennet eventually gets up and rides the rest of the track with a separated shoulder. Under Olympic rules, if you receive first aid on the course you are not allowed to continue racing. But because Kyle rode under his own power and completed the course, he will be allowed to race in the finals and compete for a medal. Of course, racing with a separated shoulder put back in place is not the most comfortable thing to do.

BMX in the Beijing Olympics – Mark Lewman on the spot for Nemo

Lee Miller Exhibit at MOMA

The SFMOMA is showing a retrospective of photograper Lee Miller’s work. She was the muse of Man Ray and an amazing surrealist photographer/photojournalist: 

One of the most unconventional female artists of the 20th century, Lee Miller was admired for her classical beauty, intelligence, and photographic talent. This retrospective spans her career as a photographer and explores her transformation from muse and model to groundbreaking artist in her own right. Born in New York in 1907, Miller modeled for Vogue before meeting Man Ray in Paris in 1929. Inspired by his work, Miller began creating her own striking surrealist photographs. Later, she became a war photographer for British Vogue and was the only woman in combat photojournalism in Europe during World War II. After the war, she continued a nimble photographic practice, with later work including high-comedy portraits of art-world friends such as Max Ernst, Alfred H. Barr Jr., and Saul Steinberg. – SFMOMA

Check out the interactive exhibit here

Bande á part – NY Underground 60’s-80’s @ Augen Gallery PDX,OR

Nemo went for a visit to the Augen Gallery in NW Portland. Featuring photographs from Danny Fields, Godlis, Anton Perich, Bobby Grossman, Roberta Bayley along with many others, and they even have some Andy Warhol prints on the wall too, phenomenal show!

Strength in numbers by Plain T

The power of a pair is undeniable. Every Bonnie wants their Clyde! And why shouldn’t they, it is the chemical urge to find our mate, the one that will be our partner in crime forever. Some couples look like they were made for eachother. Like a key missing its lock, without eachother they are without functionality. This couple from Helsinki Finland is the epitome of inseparability. Andreas (18) and Tanja (24) have a style that stands alone, but as you see, together they become something intangible and whole. I bet they even light each others cigarettes! Go to Hel Looks to find more Finish street.

Mark Borthwick

Mark Borthwick is an amazing experimental fashion photographer but his creative doesn’t stop there. He often accompanies his photographic work with writing, drawings, and even live performances. As a photographer, musician and film maker, his work has a distinct feel of a still capture of a motion reel that you could really only get when you approach your work with this much original diversity. Theres a great interview with him on fecal face.