Studio Nemo is proud to introduce… Our new Phase One digital back!

Recently here at Studio Nemo, we were having trouble with our 5 year old Imacon Ixpress, nothing severe, just time consuming hiccups that bogged down shoot time, not good for us or our clients. So after a few months of research and meeting with some digi back companies, we ended up going with the Phase One P45. Although the P45 is not 100% perfect I’d say the pros definitely outweigh the cons, the only cons being the software interface is not the most user friendly. The best part about the P45 is its portability compared to the Imacon. With the P45, you can slap in a Compact Flash card and shoot away. Unlike the Imacon where your lugging around and plugged into a power pack/hard drive you wear over your shoulder. Not to mention the resolution of the P45 sports 39 megapixels to Imacons 16! We did some test shots to see how they compare, check em out after the jump! (And yes, I did the cheesiest photoshop job on purpose! Kinda going for a Back To The Future pt.2 (above) and part 3(below) heh.)

So you have to use your imagination because these are VERY scaled down photos than the ones we took, imagine the 100% zooms being on our 30in monitor and taking up the whole screen.

Here is the shot from the Phase one at 100%

Here is the shot from the Imacon at 100%

Here is how the 100% zooms compare to each other from the image in full view (top left), you can clearly see that the phase one grabs more detail to give you a rather large image in good quality, were talking billboard size people! This is gonna be fun!

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