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The Row Clothing

I guess I’m on a roll with the fashion posts… out Todd! The Row by none other than the Olsen twins believe it or not is pretty awesome. Other than the price tags this line is everything i could want in my closet. Versatile and simple….their images are strong and their promo video is pretty rad too.

Photo Of The Day

Heather Ciri of Nemo. In her final trimester.

Boy, By Scott Sternberg

Boy is a brilliant androgynous clothing line by Scott Sternberg the designer of the famous menswear line band of outsiders. Scott seems to have discovered a perfect combination of boyish inspiration with the femme fits and cuts. For years I have been shopping in the boy sections of second hand clothing stores, taking my findings home and altering them to fit me. Its good to see that someone in fashion has finally figured this out and created an amazing clothing line. The pictures really just seal the deal…

Nike 6.0 Athlete Photoshoot @ Studio Nemo

Untitled from alex mertz on Vimeo.

Last week Nike6.0 photographer Josh Letchworth dropped in to our studios to shoot various 6.0 athletes while Nike was hosting the kids for migration week, which they do every summer. Migration is an activity filled week and a meet and greet for all the athletes from the different sports to get to know each other. Even after running around all day, the kids were good about having to stay up til 2am-ish to get their photos taken. We were hammering out 16-18hr days, everyone pulled their weight and kicked ass. It was also the biggest build we’ve done for a set to date! All in all, it was lots of lights, lots of fun, lots of laughs! BIG thanks to Josh, the athletes, and everyone involved!!!!! Enjoy the video.

Shout out to Ray Gordon

Ray is a Portland photographer and long time friend of nemo. He’s been killing it in the photo world over the years and yesterday, nemo finally had the pleasure of working with him. Wish i had more details on how his shoot went other than “they got the shot” and “it was sweltering”. But alas, i was unable to go on location with them. Pictures of that shoot are soon to come but in the mean time check out what hes got on his site.

Portland Bike Culture – Cycle Seen 08


We may be a bit late on blogging about this (since most of the art has come down already), but it was such a cool idea it’s deserves some credit. I am all for artists being more involved in our metropolitan day to day life. Did anyone see the art around town? 

Bridging communities of cyclists, photographers and artists

We are proud to announce a new event in Portland’s prominent bike culture. Cycle Seen is an exhibition of photographs, artwork and documentation representing the bicycle culture in Metro Portland. This project is a celebration of the bike community through pictures. Portland has an astonishingly diverse and unique community of cyclists ranging from daily commuters to bike performance groups. There are various sub-cultures that make up the dynamic mix of PDX cyclists.

The exhibition includes a combination of materials from invited photographers/artists and images selected from a call for submissions. Photographs and illustrations that represent a snapshot of cycling in PDX over the last two years will be displayed through out the city at various locations during the month of June. The locations will allow an intertwining of communities, artists and cyclists. A bike map/route and location guide is available to at the various locations and by download (pdf).


The Bachelorette…the reality of reality TV

So this morning I was sent this image with the tag line “remember this guy?”

Since I don’t really watch TV I was pretty confused. But he looked really familiar so I did my homework and now I’ve got it….

his name is Jesse Csincsak and he has been working hard killing it for the High Cascade photo camp for the past two years. I’m not sure if him winning the bachelorette deserves a firm “Congratulations” or a “Really?! You actually signed up for that shit!”

Either way he deserves a pat on the back for tearing up the half pipe every year.

Chen Zhun Anime inspired shoot-em up photoshoot for FHM China

Chinese photographer Chen Zhun brought the guns out for this 40 page FHM fashion shoot, It reads like a heavily anime influenced live action graphic novel. Seriously there is no going wrong with leggy Asian models and gnarly guns! More action after the jump! (more…)

Photo of the Day- Mark Thiessen




Building, camper, truck: All were reduced toto incandescent skeletons by flames that savaged Running Springs, California, last fall. Mark Thiessen shoots for National Geographic.

Richardo Salamanca – Photo ILLUSTRATION of the day

4th of July- Photo of the Day

Don’t be this guy!

Personally by Plain T

Mandy Nash. Self portrait

All to often personality is overlooked as the defining aspect of ones style. Mandy is one my dear friends and from the moment i saw her and heard her voice i was instantly hooked! She is the meaning of fun, cause she makes it where ever she goes. She is loud, honest, loyal, and wilder than shit! If you have a muse like this in your life, hold on to them tight and pay close attention, cause they will better you.

Juilia Fullerton-Batten’s – In Between

Julia Fullerton-Batten is a award winning young photographer from the UK. Her photos have an awkward, polished feel with her teenage models, which says a lot about those “in between” years as a young teenager. Those influential years a lot of us can relate to, not knowing exactly how the world works yet, not being completely opinionated, you find yourself well, floating.  Oh those gloriously awkward pimple filled days of young adulthood… sigh.

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Happy 100 year anniversary of the almost end of the world!

In the early morning of July 1st 1908 in Siberia, there was a great explosion. Eyewitnesses close to the explosion reported the loud thundering sound moving east to north. The sounds were accompanied by a shock-wave that knocked people to the ground and broke windows hundreds of miles away. The explosion knocked over an estimated 80 million trees over 830 square miles. Estimates of the energy of the blast to be about 1000 times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It is estimated that the earthquake from the blast would have measured 5.0 on the Richter scale, which was not yet developed at the time. Since there was no discernible impact zone, meteor impact was ruled out, theories for the cause range from black holes, anti-matter, to a UFO crash. Today the more popular theory is whether it was a comet or meteor, it exploded 8 or 9 km over the earth’s surface, from immense built up pressure from traveling over 21,000mph into our atmosphere. Later in 1966 Guiness book of world records calculated that if it were to hit earth 4 hours and 47 min later it would have completly destroyed St. Petersburg, Russia! They say the earth gets these mid-sized hits once every 300 years or so. 100 down 200 more to go!

Trevor Paglen’s – The Other Night Sky

Since the launch of sputnik in 1957, amateur astronomers have been tracking the paths of satellites and recording their data for decades.  It is estimated that 189 “classified” satellites orbit our earth. Surely  being used for reconnaissance, and data gathering, it’s not hard to imagine that these, (as far as our government is concerned) “non- existent” satellites have more sinister applications.

Enter Trevor Paglen, artist-astronomer. With satellite data from “observer clubs” and special software designed to control a motorized tripod to follow the path of the stars (so they are static objects in the photo), you are then able to see the partial orbit of the “classified” satellite. In a recent interview Paglen said, “When you look at the number of satellites, what they’re doing and what they represent, it is really a vision of trying to have the world in your clutches.” All conspiracy theories aside you cant help but feel that “big brother” could actually be watching your every move. Bring on the tin foil hats!  Be sure to check out his art show coming to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2009.

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Angelina Jolie Time – Speed Drawing


As Photoshop can create beauty in an artificial way, it to can take it away. Zsolt Mocacsi is from Hungary mixes his illustration skills with photo.