Nike 6.0 Athlete Photoshoot @ Studio Nemo

Untitled from alex mertz on Vimeo.

Last week Nike6.0 photographer Josh Letchworth dropped in to our studios to shoot various 6.0 athletes while Nike was hosting the kids for migration week, which they do every summer. Migration is an activity filled week and a meet and greet for all the athletes from the different sports to get to know each other. Even after running around all day, the kids were good about having to stay up til 2am-ish to get their photos taken. We were hammering out 16-18hr days, everyone pulled their weight and kicked ass. It was also the biggest build we’ve done for a set to date! All in all, it was lots of lights, lots of fun, lots of laughs! BIG thanks to Josh, the athletes, and everyone involved!!!!! Enjoy the video.

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  1. Heather says:


  2. mmmmm MGMT. soo good. might want to check out the justice remix of Electric Feel.

    Love the videos of the photo shoots, good way of documenting it and showing your clients what it takes to get it done. Rather Jealous of the atmosphere

    much love mertz, stoked to see you posted the FHM biker girls series. shit is so inspiring. always wanted to do high end fashion shoots like that with the same sort of raw feeling of a good portion of the shoots.

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