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Poster show at Nemo

Stapled and Torn showcases some of the most talented poster artists in the NW. Come by and check it out tomorrow Friday August 1st from 6pm-10pm at 1875 SE Belmont.

Photos of students taking photos of riders in action @ HCSC

Here are a few photos of students of the HCSC Photo Workshop in action capturing the action!

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HCSC- Photo Workshop -Day #3 -Video

HCSC Photo Workshop -Day 3- Tim Zimmerman from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

HCSC- Photo Workshop – Day #3 – Tim Zimmerman

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We woke to Mother Nature playing a game with the weather. The mountain was socked in. While we waited for the clouds to lift, Tim Zimmerman instructed the class all about digital workflow, processing and storage. The clouds lifted on High Cascade and we hit the snow. Molly Aguirre, Hanna Teter, Jeremy Jones all hucked for the workshop shooters.

Artist of the day…

Chitra Ganesh is a Brooklyn based artist whose work is absolutely amazing and disturbing. I guess I have a thing about disturbing work!

HCSC Photo Workshop- Day#2- video highlights

HCSC Photo Workshop – Day 2 from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

HCSC Photo Workshop- Day #2 – Christy Chaloux

The weather was a little less that helpful today. The campers got on the hill and still managed to come back with a few keepers. Christy Chaloux presented her images from the season and wowed the crew. Tim Zimmerman jumped in at the end of the day and started in on digital workflow.

HCSC Photo Workshop- Day One, Bud Fawcett Video

HCSC Photo Workshop 2008- Bud Fawcett from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Each year we open up the workshop with a historical slide show from Bud Fawcett. Bud was one of the original ganstas of snowboard photography. The historical sense of snowboarding isn’t as well established as surf and skate. It’s a shame. Bud keeps those authentic real moments alive in his stills. 


Freeman Transport

So, I ran into an old friend Nathan Freeman  and his lovely wife Emily this past weekend. I hadn’t seen his since he left to NY for graduate school. When I asked him what he’d been up to lately, he showed me this amazing bike and told me he was hand building them. He makes these all steel incredible single speed bikes with s and s couplings that break apart and can be put on an airplane for no extra charge! AND… to make it even better they go in the most amazingly stylish bags. Urban Outfitters blog just got wind of them, so I’m sure they will take off now. Check out Freeman Transport’s blog  here. Way to go Nathan!

HCSC Photo workshop – Day one


Day one-

Arrival Day. The camp was sold out 2 months in advance and had a waiting list of 10. The lucky 24 that were able to attend this years session at Mt. Hood and High Cascade Snowboard camp were witness to snowboard history. Snowboarding photog and icon, Bud Fawcett gave the class a history lesson and set the foundation for how snowboarding as we know it today actual started. In many ways, the surf and skateboard industries embrace their heritage. Snowboarding is less historical so it is nice to have Bud to remind us all where we came form as snowboarders. Studionemo is stoked to be a sponsor of the event!

PHOTO of the DAY – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….


Phillip Toledano – Days with My Father

Photographer Phillip Toledano takes care of his 98 year old father, who for his age, is in great shape except for his short term memory loss. In this photo series you get to see all the ups and down of his fathers day to day life. A touching series that is a must see!Click HERE for the rest.

(Thanks Max, for the heads up on this!)

Add ons by Plain T

Accessories are often thought of as small add ons, such as watches, scarfs, shades, or jewelry. However accessorizing becomes much more effective when the object is bigger than yourself. With the constant up-surge of action sports, and BMX’s debut in this summer’s olympics what could look more smart than you on your 1984 GT Pro Performer Eddie Fiola Winterland Park Edition going for a quick coffee? What ever your object of choice may be, make it fitting of you and it will be a sure hit, oh ya… extra points if you take your cumbersome item to a crowded house party and carry it around all night!

The Subconcious Art of Graffiti Removal by Matt McCormick

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An interesting and witty take on an “art form” we take for granted everyday. Film by Portlands own, Matt McCormick.

Worthy of PDN?????

I was checking out the PDN blog this morning and was really sad to see not one, but TWO articles about celebrity baby photos- the ubiquitous Brad and Angelina twins and Jessica Alba’s baby. I guess it spurns the question of whether a blog should adhere to any standards? Of course it depends on the blog, but a blog linked to a respectable photography publication looses points in my book for even discussing paparazzi crap. Am I wrong? 

Just a reminder folks…

   great poster

My new favorite fashion photog…

David Slijper is my new favorite fashion photographer.

Pull Back the Shade by Muzi Quawson

British artist Muzi Quawson explores the social structures of American culture with color film prints displayed as large light boxes so the cinematic feeling is brought one step father than just the film. One of my favorite things in photography is trying to capture a moment….no kodak moments here…the rawness of life thought the rawness of film. When you successfully capture these moments,they look like one might describe a movie still…it draws you to wonder exactly what that emotion was and why they were feeling it.

Flosstradamus- Portland, Oregon

more about “Flosstradamus- Portland, Oregon “, posted with vodpod

Friday, Flosstradamus Played Rotture to a sold out crowd. They truly brought the house down with their flossy beats! Definitely a must see next time their in town. So fun!

Special thanks go to Kurt and Josh for putting up with my camera flash all night and to Austin for helping edit.

Weekend Warrior project with Bill Thomas

The water cooler conversation goes something like this….Hey Harry, how was your weekend? 

Harry replies, well since you asked, I flew to Ramadi, in Western Iraq. While on the ground with the Animal Company 3rd 103rd Armor. We felt the hight of the Sunni insurgency and were able to come home to talk about it. 

Long time buddy and shooter Bill Thomas took on the challenge of illustrating a civilian point of view on a business that traditionally has been a Government job.


More from The Post Family…Save Polaroid

Artist Rod Hunting of The Post Family art group, was asked by Save Polaroid to auction of some of his “Polareds” for the cause. 

Grass Photography by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey

photo used at 2008 Wimbledon Tennis Championships.


While perusing the amazing design site of art group The Post Family, I came across the photographic work of Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, who found a way to create complex photographic images in grass using photosensitive seeding in a dark room. Check out more here and here

Studio Nemo is proud to introduce… Our new Phase One digital back!

Recently here at Studio Nemo, we were having trouble with our 5 year old Imacon Ixpress, nothing severe, just time consuming hiccups that bogged down shoot time, not good for us or our clients. So after a few months of research and meeting with some digi back companies, we ended up going with the Phase One P45. Although the P45 is not 100% perfect I’d say the pros definitely outweigh the cons, the only cons being the software interface is not the most user friendly. The best part about the P45 is its portability compared to the Imacon. With the P45, you can slap in a Compact Flash card and shoot away. Unlike the Imacon where your lugging around and plugged into a power pack/hard drive you wear over your shoulder. Not to mention the resolution of the P45 sports 39 megapixels to Imacons 16! We did some test shots to see how they compare, check em out after the jump! (And yes, I did the cheesiest photoshop job on purpose! Kinda going for a Back To The Future pt.2 (above) and part 3(below) heh.)


Ryan Sheckler – model athlete for the future of skating?

ESPN Magazine interviewed pro skateboarder / marketers wet dream Ryan Sheckler. I’m all for skateboarders doing their thing and making a name for themselves, but, when you recklessly whore out your name for a few (million) bucks you get my official douche bag award! Congratulations Mr. Sheckler, you play puppet to anything your agent and PR camp tell you to do, slapping your name on anything, and ruining skateboardings image in the process. Sweet man. Oh, I loved your latest article in tiger beat btw omg lolz <3 <3 !!!