Ziv Koren- More than 1000 words


Photojournalist Ziv Koren shows how he combines still photographs and video to create a new photographic language for the Internet. The idea of the minds eye behind the lens sounds amazing. This dude gets into the think of dangerous situations. Is it worth dieing to get the shot?

2 Responses to “Ziv Koren- More than 1000 words”

  1. austin says:

    Amazing, this concept is way cool. Intense way to show the scenarios surrounding the still images. Anymore so much of what is used goes to the web it;’s a cool way to push the experience and the medium from the still images or video to a mash-up of all the above. PS. That dude is insane.

  2. tg says:

    It would be a Faces of Death episode if this guy gets popped in the middle of all the gunfire.

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