LYNDA.COM can show you how to use your latest softwear

Did you ever sleep in class? I used to in college and I walked out of there with a 4.0 GPA. I learned that my “visual” brain worked at lighting speed, while my “audible” brain, or reading brain, wasn’t as quick to learn. I’ll try to clarify, when I would put my head down in the classroom, shut my eyes and truly listen to the lesson the teacher was giving, I would make up stories in my head to support the lesson. While my eyes were closed, I wasn’t distracted by the pretty girl from Buffalo or see my buddies in the court yard skateboarding. The brain was busy learning. The traditional sense of learning is to read a thick book. The same story telling goes on in the brain while reading and I understand the pleasure surrounding reading. However, my visual brain would “hog” the eye time and be on the scan for any composition, color, texture surrounding the essence of creating stills. While my head lay on the desk, I learned that I need to learn in a visual way as opposed the the traditional audible/ book way.

Mentors have shown me the ropes along the way. Nothing beats a professional showing you how it is done. Today, we have tools like videos, to help the visual learners of the world. One of these guides to higher learning is a website named Lynda. The video tutorials walk you thru the tools in a simple logical way. I went thru the Lightroom tutorial and it helped.

Here is the blurb on LYNDA:

The Online Training Library and CD-ROM titles include such subjects as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Office, digital photography, Web design, digital video, and many others.’s all-star team of trainers and teachers provides comprehensive and unbiased movie-based training to an international membership of tens of thousands of subscribers. Considering the speed at which technology evolves, the Online Training Library is a great solution for keeping your skills current. Library subscriptions begin as low as $25 a month, with no long-term commitment required.. For more information and to view free demo movies on all courses in the library, visit

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