Flickr Yahoo BrowserPlus, download here

Ofoto express has given you the ability to upload multiple photos to your web account. I downloaded the application but found it wasn’t totally working. The Effects area and Title area appear to be frozen. “Yahoo BrowserPlus is software that extends the capabilities of your web browser to make richer web experiences possible,” the company claims.

 “Different websites can use BrowserPlus to support things like drag and drop from the desktop, easier file uploads, more efficient and secure acquisition of feeds and information, and native desktop notifications.”

Yahoo is demonstrating the power of the software with one of its own popular web apps, Flickr. The Browser Plus Uploadr [sic] allows users to simply drag and drop photos from their desktop folders into the browser, where basic edits such as cropping, resizing and greyscaling can be applied, before the photos are subsumed into your Flickr account.

Looks good in therory. Check it out here:

BrowserPlus is currently in beta (or ‘sneak peak’ mode, to use Yahoo’s parlance) and is available for download here. Visit our Nemo Flickr account: trevoratnemo.

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