Dine in or Kari out?

Kari Rowe is my co-worker and fellow photo assistant here at Nemo. Tuesday night I went out with my homie for Chinese food at the Golden Horse down in Chinatown, (bomb food btw…) and took home leftovers. The box literally says “Kari”not carry! I had to do something with this box and Kari. I ran the idea by Kari the next day and asked if she could use her photoshop wizardry to finish it up if i shot it, she was in. A few fun sodas and high 5’s later we were done! Now we leave you with “Kari out”

3 Responses to “Dine in or Kari out?”

  1. trevorgraves says:

    I get it….cooor!

  2. heatherhanrahan says:

    I love it! Yeah!

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