On assignment with Cheyenne Ellis

A little while ago, I had the inspirational opportunity to go on location with Cheyenne. We flew out to Colorado, drove to boulder, made it through the crazy weather and she answered my barrage of questions with honesty, intelligence and a smile. Here is one of the gorgeous shots she got between monsoons.

She is now a featured artist on Altpic and there is a spot on her at PDN Pulse.

She really is an amazing person who is doing some brilliant work.

2 Responses to “On assignment with Cheyenne Ellis”

  1. trevorgraves says:

    Cheyenne is an amazing shooter and human being!

  2. Cheyenne says:

    too sweet! it was such a pleasure to have you kari, thanks for braving the storm with me:) now how does one become a “nemo friend” .. because that… would complete my day. do tell

    trevor, YOU are amazing!

    best from cali

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