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Photos of the Day

Esteban Schimpf plays with stereotypes and archetypal images. Weird and amazing…

Photo of the day -Cole Barash in Alaska

Picnic table, alaska

Stems by Plain T


Love your legs, they take you everywhere, so treat them like you owe them! The model wears slashed leggings by Mrs. Jones which in full stride give you a dizzy effect. Capping off either end is an Emilo Pucci jacket and Katarzyna Szczotarska shoes.

Photography Coast to Coast tour

As summer nears, the annual rite of thematic group shows gains momentum. This year a number of titles support the notion of photography as social landscape, including “There’s No Place Like Home” (PDNB Gallery, Dallas); “Beyond the Backyard” (MOCP, Chicago) and “In Our Dreams” (Sasha Wolf, NYC). “When Color Was New” (Julie Saul, NYC) offers visitors a whirlwind retrospective of both talent (Eggleston, Christianberry and Sternfeld to name a few) and processes (dye transfer and Polaroid, for example). More after the jump….


Stack Footy!

Stack Footy is a new snowboard video produced by Think Thank productions dropping in Sept 08. I was fortunate enough to work with this crew for the past few seasons, they have helped me out tremendously. They have been by far the best crew to work with, creativity and fun are the name of the their game, and it shows. Here is just a compilation of fun times with Think Thank, enjoy! Stack that footy!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.574634&w=425&h=350&fv=]

more about “Stack Footy“, posted with vodpod

Speaking of art shows…

Michael Cogliantry, our featured artist for the month of May, has come up with a hilarious short video piece. Enjoy… 

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.574188&w=425&h=350&]

more about “Tanner Cogliantry’s Foreign Language …“, posted with vodpod





We are almost upon our 5th First Friday event and they have been going very well. I’m particularly excited about this next one on June 6th, HOPE IS A MUSCLE. We are having a fundraising event/rock show/art show for the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls. Camp Photographer Shayla Hason will be sharing her work with us and rock camp band Blubird will be playing a set in the Nemo Studio. 

Check out the press release after the jump and come rock out with us for a good cause- hh


Benjamin Linus of LOST and the Nikon D100 spotting

Benjamin Linus of LOST and the Nikon D100

Do you think money exchanges hands between Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) and Nikon on this product placement?

Has the celebrity obsessions have gone too far? It used to be the National Inquire with run out and shoot celebrities sun bathing in the nude, it was understood that the celebrity would sue the publication and the media feeding frenzy that would ensue would propel the actress’ career into high gear! To keep up and contribute the frenzy has launched the BETA site.

The site is full of celebrity profiles, product profiles, movie profiles, and so much more. These Profiles are where you can learn about the associations between your favorite celebrities, entertainment, products, events, and places.

Be the first in your neighborhood to be the ultimate consumer of useless information and gossip!

PHOTO of the DAY – Leg Maul

leg wound

A little fodder for the holiday weekend…

images from the brooklyn museum


Romain Laurent- Photo of the Day

romain laurent was born in 1983, and studied design in paris. since 2006 he has been working as a freelance photographer in the french capital. he has a direct instinct for the realisation of contemporary themes and complex urban scenarios. the highly refined and sophisticated narrative form of his approach to photography has made romain laurent a major stylistic influence as the representative of a generation of young photographers.

The Photography of Jan von Holleben

The German born photographer who moves back and forth between Germany and London is creating some amazingly fun and creative work. Who wouldn’t love this stuff?! Check out more here.

Peter Beste – True Norwegian Black metal

Peter Beste has spent the past 5 years documenting Norwegian black metal. A subculture known for its fast, loud music, gory stage shows, elaborate make-up and involvement in satanism. Not to mention the murders, torture, and even church burnings. Its a lot to take in, and Peter Beste lays it all out with this photo series. These photos act like a window in to the lives of the wicked. It is truly a fascinating and shocking series. No joke these artists eat, drink, sleep, black metal.

More here.

Plain T


Some style can’t be bought, stole, or taught.

On assignment with Cheyenne Ellis

A little while ago, I had the inspirational opportunity to go on location with Cheyenne. We flew out to Colorado, drove to boulder, made it through the crazy weather and she answered my barrage of questions with honesty, intelligence and a smile. Here is one of the gorgeous shots she got between monsoons.

She is now a featured artist on Altpic and there is a spot on her at PDN Pulse.

She really is an amazing person who is doing some brilliant work.

Photo of the Day – Mayumi Lake

One of her least provocative images…


The 2008 Teva Mountain Games photography competition has evolved into a new and challenging format to truly test a Photographer’s skills. Competitors will have 80 hours to take photos during the Games.

At the conclusion of the Games, photographers will submit their top three photos online to a jury. The photos will be judged on the subject of “Iconic Teva Mountain Games”. The person compiling the top “portfolio” will be awarded the winner. The top three Photographers will be awarded cash and their final work will be displayed on the Teva Mountain Games website and in Outside Magazine!

Don’t miss your chance to shoot some epic mountain scenary and compete for a heft cash purse!

1st – $2500
2nd – $1500
3rd – $1000

More info CLICK HERE

NIKE 6.0 Lightning Bolts aka NEMO in China

In preparation for the Olympics in China, Nike 6.0 hosted the “Lightning Bolts” BMX Exhibition in Beijing. The event brought BMXing’s legends out to play. 6.0 riders put on a live demo and legends customized number plates for the art show. 

Nemo’s very own Mark Lewman, an OG of BMX’s Freestylin Magazine, was one of the brains behind the event. He has been hard at work creating an anniversary edition of Freestylin (that will have a very special limited release) and designing his very own number plate. YEAH Lew!

Read more about the event at hypebeast and 6.0s blog

SOLO – shooting installation for Nike with Marco Materazzi

I love it when high tech, creative solution to creative are “McGivered” into creation. Italian visual magician, Claudio Sinatti custom built a backpack/corsert/ Matrix inspired rigging and used 48- Samsung S760 point and shoot cameras to illustrate soccer super star Marco Materazzi.

April 16th – May 5th 2008

Nike studio
Via Sacchi 7, Milano
Tuesday to Saturday
from 12:00 to 8:00

Marco Materazzi Nike SOLO show.

View the installation: Click hereMarco Materazzi with camera rigging.


Chicago based artist Jenny Kendler explores mythical beauty, environmental ruin, and the often antagonistic relationship between humans and the rest of nature. 

Alexey Titarenko

Alexey Titarenko was born in St.Petersburg in 1962. Since 2005, he has lived and worked in both his beloved native city and in New York.

Photography as “art,” I sometimes have a hard time with. There are so many mechanical pieces to the image that are out of the photographers control that it is really hard to stand out and be original. Alexey has exploited the medium to own his original approach to tell a story about his surroundings.
“Titarenko’s image of St. Petersburg presents the compressed urban space as abounding in dichotomies and gray areas. In big cities, beauty and ugliness, wealth and poverty, education and ignorance, violence and serenity are never far apart.”
— Ferdinand Protzman

Crowd 2, 1993Crowd 3, 1993Heads, 1992Sennya Square in Summer, 1998



Photos of the Day

Photographer Robyn Cumming  explores melancholy humor in her series called Lady Things. The series seems to express the ways in which women are sometimes eclipsed by notions of femininity. 


Photo of the Day

Burger Boots? Plain T, what are your thoughts on this trend?