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Andrzej Dragan

self portrait

Andrzej Dragan is a Polish photogapher best known for his, at times, macabre portraiture. If you havent seen the work of Dragan, I have no doubt you have seen his technique copied by many photographers. There are even tutorials online that take you through the process step by step. But let’s pay some respects to the photographer who really brought this technique to the photo world, by taking a look at his work, here.

Obama’s Artists for Change


I was checking out supertouchblog 

today and came upon the new face of Obama. 



Barack Obama enlisted the help of iconic artist Shepard Fairey, to create a poster for the campaign. Fairey has been well known for not only his “Obey” posters, but also for his anti-Bush art. So it’s fitting that he create a supportive poster for Obama. What’s kind of creepy, though, (and don’t get me wrong I’m all for Obama-but it has to be said) is that these posters are reminiscent of Mao and the Russian Socialist parties who all committed terrible atrocities… not people you would want to emulate in your campaign. Am I wrong?

“I wanted to make an art piece of Barack Obama because I thought an iconic portrait of him could symbolize and amplify the importance of his mission. I believe Obama will guide this country to a future where everyone can thrive and I should support him vigorously for the sake of my two young daughters. I have made art opposing the Iraq war for several years, and making art of Obama, who opposed the war from the start, is like making art for peace. I know I have an audience of young art fans and I’m delighted if I can encourage them to see the merits of Barack Obama.”   

-Shepard Fairey


Buy the limited edition prints here for only $70



The not so good, the bad, the VERY ugly, Nemo beard party

When ever you get a bunch of dudes together that have been growing their beards for about 4 months and they all trim off their face fur at once, It’s gonna be rough. That was the case this past friday for the Beard Bake Off here at Nemo Design. While Trevor was documenting the occasion ( which you can read below) I set up the camera to capture blackmail photos eyecandy to share with the world!

*WARNING* Not for the faint of heart. Much more after the jump!


Andy Batt- March 4th band


BEARD BAKE OFF in the NEMO studio

The Canon G9 went to work Friday night covering the action around the Big Giant Beard Bake off event. The 20 or so contestants all grew our their facial hair to win unique cataogries like “most Pubic Like.” Gary Franz the Nemo Design IT guy dominated the event! Jason Maranda of Big Giant, thanks for being the host with the most!




Photo of the Day- Pinar Yolocan

Since we’re obviously in the mood for nipples… this one’s for you TG!pinar-yolacan.jpg 

Sports Illustrated swim suit shoot

Daniella Sarahyba, Sports Illustrated and Taco Bell have teamed up on the promotional website

The site is a clever way to mix sex and hot sauce. With a viewfinder on the screen you can actually snap shots of Daniella as she poses in tropical settings. It is fun and Taco Bell pays you off by letting you download the shots from your session. A+.

Daniella Sarahyba poses for Sports illustrated

Daniella Sarahyba poses for Sports illustrated

Daniella Sarahyba poses for Sports illustrated

Here is my shot.

Incredible Art Show – Eric White

QUALITY PICTURES in Portland, Oregon presents

ERIC WHITE New Paintings – Opening Reception

Thursday, April 3rd, 6-9 pm

On display through May 31st.

QUALITY PICTURES916 NW Hoyt Portland, OR 97209 



Trevor Graves!??!


You’re my hero dude!

p.s. Don’t fire me…

Triptych (photo) of the day – William Hundley

Ethereal, ghostly, funny, romantic??? Amazing for sure! meteorx.jpgturquoisex.jpgufox.jpg Check out William Hundley’s work here.  

Get em did! By Plain T



The sun is coming an so are peeps, open toes, and unfortunately flip flops, which means the inevitable pedicure is fast approaching. So if you got your toes done up get the fingernails to match! Even if you’

re a turbo typing, rock climbing, function first girl there is no reason to neglect your digits. Treat those fingers like your cousins Monte Carlo, and put em on candy paint and dubs!

Above Kid sister is shown fronting her custom tips which she flips on a regular basis, to find out how find she is of this wild style watch her video Pro Nails featuring Kanye West. There she is shown flaunting dozens of styles and patterns, even black light colors! If it’s just not your style, give it a whirl, you may love your juicy tips, and for extra points coordinate a lollipop or gum to your color scheme. From the acrylic base to the gold on top, don’t be chippn’ and keep your nails like whoa!

Andy Batt Photo Show @ Nemo this Friday 4/4/08 !

andybattposterfinal.jpgNemo Is proud to host Andy Batt’s portraits of the world famous March Fourth Marching Band! Come Join us here Friday April 4th @ 1875 SE Belmont Portland,OR. We will have free Beer, wine and snacks for all (of age) patrons.Read the press release after the jump! (more…)

Chocolad Haas

All the elements of this short video work so well together. Thank you Sander Plug.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.494340&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] from
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One polaroid photographers take on the death of instant film.


Ever since Edwin H. Land dropped the Polaroid instant film cameras on the market in the late 40’s, generations of photographers have fallen in love with it’s instant gratification. Sadly as we know, Polaroid in ceasing all production of its film in early 2009. I came across this interesting interview with Polaroid photog Grant Hamilton on Josh Spear’s blog site. Just a little incite from a photographer whose main medium of photography is dying in front of our eyes. Read the interview here.

PHOTO of the DAY – Meat Market

meat market