Dr. Jekly Mr Hyde By Art Chantry
The name BSK might not be one you recognized but heres one that im sure will be, Art Chantry. The connection…for those of you well versed in the years of grunge and the role that Seattle played in them, you may be aware that it was the beginning of punk rock posters that would soon grow into an entire epitaph of creativity and design to be well documented and taught relentlessly by all graphic design history professors around the world.

I recently acquired a piece of this history, being a young transplant of Seattle myself I was ecstatic. You see the young screen printers who brought us this decade of art, worked out of a business called BSK, the K standing for Jeff Kleinsmith and the S Portland’s recent escapee Nick Sherman. The Sherman posse ran off not more than a few weeks ago leaving me with a pile of posters I spend at least an hour a week staring at.

Pictures of my stash will surface soon for now soak up these gems…
Maker Finger Promo By Art Chantry
The UnNamed Youth By Art Chantry

2 Responses to “BSK?”

  1. art chantry says:

    strangely, not one of the posters you show were actually printed by bsk (later blt, later patent pending, now, r.i.p.) all of the posters you show were actually printed on a conventional small offset litho press. the dr. jeklyy was printed by dave boelter at central litho. the other two (makers, untamed youth) were printed by lance weber at thingmakers.


    – art

  2. karirowe says:

    Unfortunately i knew these were not printed by bsk, just some of the work i liked…i have inherited Nick Sherman’s saved work (upon his upheaval to Mexico) from the old days @ bsk. should have gotten off my ass and taken some snapshots of those instead.

    Still just lovin the work.

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