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PHOTO of the DAY – Ninja Tur-doole

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Photo of the Day

From the amazingly talented highschooler from Turkey, Ms. Elif Karakoc

Miley Cyrus nude. This is a PR stunt!

“The superficial” ran a piece that came across Jeff’s desk here at Nemo. There is a coming of age story in here. When I was at BIKINI magazine/ Ray Gun (1992) we photographed Alyssa Milano nude in the desert and it was a huge deal. She was a child actor trying to avoid the child actor syndrome and striped for the magazine. It was mild. Her mother was there and knew about the entire shoot and I even wondered if she staged the shoot. Janet Jackson, Lindsay Lohan have all signed deals with the devil to continue their careers. Here we have Hanna Montana aka Miley Cyrus needing to make the transition as well. This is how Hollywood does it people. Her audience is growing and it is sad but true. Jodi Foster made the leap from child star to Oscar winner based on her reputation as an incredible actress. She did it.

Annie Leibovitz issued the following statement to People: “I’m sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted. Miley and I looked at fashion photographs together and we discussed the picture in that context before we shot it. The photograph is a simple, classic portrait, shot with very little makeup, and I think it is very beautiful.”

Apparently Disney, who owns Hannah Montana, was not aware of the photos until they appeared on Entertainment Tonight. You know how Disney cares about that wholesome image. They don’t want their young starlets flashing their goods until they’re good and insane. Right, Britney Spears? Now get that kitten out of your mouth. For the last time, putting hot fudge on it doesn’t make it food. You gotta use ketchup.


297 Talented Shooters

Photography Director Rob Haggart.

“Attention art buyers and photo editors, this is a free promo that’s meant to supplement all the other ways you find photographers to hire. I created it see if there might be an easier more efficient way to quickly look at 200-300 photographers. Compared to the weekly promo pile this works pretty good. Plus, if you’re like me, you remember a picture and not necessarily who took it so you can come back to this slideshow and find the name and website of the photographer whenever you like. This project only works if you find work you like and hire the photographer. I can create more of these but it’s a complete waste of time if it doesn’t connect buyers with photographers. That’s the only reason I did this. If you have suggestions on how to make the next one more useful for you please let me know.”

Photo of the Day – Cass Bird

Leslie and the Lys

One of my favorite photographers, Cass Bird, shooting the amazing gem sweater queen of Leslie and the Lys

Nikon D3 vs. Canon EOS3

Canon vs. Nikon

The Story

It wasn’t an intentional test drive for either system… The harsh reality of shooting professionally,  is that ability overcomes harsh situations. This story outlines just such an event. Neither the Nikon D3 vs. Canon EOS3 is my primary system, my main “gun” is the Nikon D2X. Keep in mind, I am an old film guy who has taken on the learning curve of the digital world.

In all fairness to the tech geeks seeking out technical reviews on the camera systems, this story isn’t going to go there. It is more of an emotional walk with the camera systems just as a creative working a brush on their canvas. (more…)

Sam Falls – CEREMONY – May 9, 2008

Sam Falls at UnionDocs May 9th, 2008

UnionDocs presents a photography and video installation by Brooklyn-based artist, Sam Falls. Please come to UnionDocs on Friday, May 9th and enjoy the opening night shindig. Party time is 7-10pm.
In a departure from traditional studio portraiture, Falls uses expansive natural settings as the backdrops for carefully constructed portraits. The large color photographs in many of his series depict eerie scenes in which the viewer feels an unavoidable tension between the stillness of the landscape and the urgency of the protagonist.
Falls’s large color photographs depict an instant within a longer video piece–or vice versa–the video footage documents the process of taking a still photograph. For this installation, Falls recorded video footage of the same scene that he then photographed with his medium-format camera. The installation requires the viewer to literally stand between the static and the dynamic images, and in doing so, it urges the viewer to question notions of time and space in relation to photo-documentation.

Dano Pendygrass update for April 2008

Our buddy Dano Pendygrass has been battling a “moody” spring in his efforts to entertain the masses with amazing snowboard imagery.

Schlieren photography

Schlieren photography

Schlieren photography was invented in 1864 to detect flaws in glass

‘schliere’ being German for ‘streak’. It is familiar today as a way of visualising shock waves in wind tunnels. The technique relies on the change of refractive index (ability to ‘bend’ light) with density. At its simplest, a parallel beam of light passes through the test area and is focussed onto a knife edge. Any change in air density causes part of the beam to be refracted and to fall above or below the knife edge. This makes that part of the image to appear brighter or darker than the background. Modern systems may use filters in place of the knife edge to make a coloured image.

Kate Moss Liberation. By Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane is an ex-designer for DIOR homme, and is accredited for putting men’s high-fashion on par with women’s. Most noted is his the thin silhouette of his menswear, which has even made his way into today’s street fashion. Along with apparel design, his background also includes: furniture design, store design, fragrance and photography. Which brings us to today’s post. His subject is Kate Moss. Yes, we have all seen Kate do her thing for the past decade but, still, to this day, she with Hedi behind the lens, they make some compelling imagery together. Without further ado…


Nemo Art Show First Friday

Nemo welcomes the amazing Michael Cogliantry and his Furry Kama Sutra show to our gallery on Friday, May 2nd. Cogliantry’s work is witty, humorous and a little dark. For his Furry Kama Sutra project he rented some of Vegas’ most colorful “by-the-hour” rooms as the backdrop for his hysterical twist on the Kama Sutra. Please join us for the show between 6-10pm on first Friday at Nemo” 1875 SE Belmont st. Portland, OR 97211

Photo Of The Day

Hunter S. Thompson’s photography is stunning. 

Fishing with Guns Circa 1960Fishing with Guns Circa 1960

Camera Lens Bracelet

If your into being green and making a photo statement. Check out these bracelts from Oye Modern.

re:vision is the product of Craig Arnold’s unbridled passion for cameras, recycling and polishing. Handmade in Adelaide Australia, from discarded camera components and reshaped with love, re:vision brings old school cameras into an entirely new focus. Get it?

camera bracelet

Time Piece by Plain T



Time, it does not exist. Right? Or at least it is about as real as state borders and longitudinal lines. Yet, this human construct is how we frame our lives. It tells us when to get up in the morning, when we can go home from work, or even when to eat. So it is no surprise that we as humans have been obsessed with creating functional and beautiful timepieces since time was of the essence.

            And nobody owns the creation of time like the Swiss, and mainly the swatch group. We all remember the hay days of the Swatch Watch, (and if you don’t, please leave our site now) inexpensive plastic fashion watches with real Swiss movements! Swatch means second watch and it was hot to wear more than one at a time, 80’s teens could often be found wearing 2 to 10 watches at once. Artists like Vivienne Westwood, Basquiat and Keith Haring were commissioned to design special models for Swatch, which took them to a cult status. Now days the Swatch watch is mostly overlooked here in North America, but few realize how broad the Swatch group is. Within the Swatch family are names like Calvin Klein, Rado, Tissot, and prestige brands like Omega, Breguet, Longines, and Glashutte. Pictured above is a Longines skeleton watch, skeleton is an industry term that refers to the watches movements being visible to the wearer, as you might imagine this design is a watch makers favorite. So weather you have $50 to drop on a watch or $500,000 there is a model for you, even though your ¼ million-dollar time piece still wont guarantee you wont miss your lunch date.


That name is one you’ve heard, and without a doubt respect. Wether you have heard of him or not. these pictures will astound you
[slideshow id=2233785415185344606&w=426&h=320]
Check out more at his website


Dr. Jekly Mr Hyde By Art Chantry
The name BSK might not be one you recognized but heres one that im sure will be, Art Chantry. (more…)

Photo Of the Day- Ramona Rosales


Check out Ramona’s work here

The Auteur – Tribeca Film Festival

A dear friend of Nemo, Amber Geiger -freelance producer extraordinaire- produced her first feature length film, The Auteur. Its world premiere is this Friday at the Tribeca Film Festival.  The film, directed and written by James Westby, has been one of the most talked about films in the festival. YEAH AMBER!!!



Film synopsis: 
With a body of work that includes “Five Easy Nieces” and “My Left Nut,” Italian auteur Arturo Domingo is the foremost artist among pornographic filmmakers. In this hilarious spoof, Domingo hopes to revive his sagging career by reuniting with his former lead actor and making his greatest triumph yet.

PHOTO of the DAY – Cole Barash

cole barash shoots eric jackson for nike

PHOTO of the DAY – Clowning around


Ben Horan- a cinderella story

Na huh?

So Ben Horan is this amazing wakeskater on the Nike 6.0 team. He is from Nahunta, GA. Just say it one more time….hear it start rollin’ off your tongue like a real southern boy. So, what do you call a “cinderella story” if it’s a guy? Just doesn’t sound right like that. Anyways…for lack of better words, thats the deal with Ben. He was picked up by a sheer matter of fortunate circumstances that put him and his abilities in front of the right people. I couldn’t wish for it to happen to anyone better. The kid is the most down-to-earth person you will come across, humbled by his peers and supported by the limbs of his distinct family tree.
I had the chance to spend a few days up in home town with him just doing what he does. That experience really put all the pieces together for me. It was clear to see why Ben is who he is. We made cheeseburgers with his mom, winched a rail on his neighbors farm lake, skated his satellite dish in the driveway, played with his turtle “shredder” and hung out at the DQ. I am sure there are 100 kids in other similar small towns doing nearly the same thing. Ok, so maybe not quite as good. Did i mention that his sister drives the winch for him? Well, yes she does. Thats pretty cool. Thanks for the hospitality
Ben, I’ll be back.


Ben Horan- a Josh Letchworth essay

Ben Horan- a Josh Letchworth essay

PHOTO of the DAY – bear attack victim

bear attack victim

Dry Ice Bottle Bomb

Alex Mertz and the Nemo boyz thought it would be a “good” idea to place dry ice in a sealed coke bottle. See the impending drama as it unfolds.

Photos of the Day

Alison Brady’s images run the line of violent horror, but are also intriguingly tempting oursubconsious desires…

Check out more of her work here