Shaun White or Shauna White?

Shauna White?Pictured here in the latest issue of ESPN magazine (shot by Sarah Friedman), Shaun represents the action sports audience by posing with his board across his shoulders and a Carrot Top fashion get up? Seriously? This pose just kills me. Sarah, you’re doing some great work with athletes, by why did you pull the stock and unflattering shot of Mr. White? On your website the shots of David Eckstein, Calvin Johnson, and even Michelle Wie were more “manly”. The stock shot of sitting on the deck or even the gangsta/ jock pose would have done more justice with this shot.Shaun white, saraha friedman, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboardwww.sarahafriedman.comShaun white, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboard Shaun white, nemo design, nemo productions, snowboard, carrot topShaun- you’re are on a roll and be careful not to turn into a puppet of the media. Keep it real!

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  1. heatherhanrahan says:

    TG you are the expert on the action sports shot, hands down. I totally agree that the shot is bad, but I think it’s because it’s cliche, not because the photo doesn’t project a masculine image. I actually like the way that Sarah Friedman plays with gender stereotypes in her photos of athletes. I think all too often expectations of masculinity and femininity are imposed on athletes and they are punished by our culture when they transgress these boundaries.

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