Plain T

Little Bean15-year-old Francis Bean Cobain has seen little of the lens considering her mother and late father are some of the most prominent and controversial rockers to date. Most images show her clinging to here mother’s side on the red carpet, or spending time with her godmother Drew Barrymore, but her appearance in February’s Harper’s Bazaar is her most mature portrayal to date.Designers like Bottega Veneta, Zac Posen, and The House of Gucci have been used to bring the woman in Frances to the forefront of this movie themed photo shoot. In this photo inspired by Eva Peron, Cobain wears a belted jacket, skirt, and shoes from Dior by John Galliano, necklace by Isaac Manevitz for Ben-Amun, and gloves by LaCrasia Gloves. Francis reminds us that no matter how young and street you are, spotless and tailored is always cherished.

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