Littman 45 Single Rangefinder

nullModified photo gear is always something that catches my eye. Be it a pinhole Polaroid land cam mod or a Modded holga that shoots 6×6 film, I got nuts for it all! When I saw this gem my jaw hit the floor.The littman 45 Single is a hand built rangefinder born from polaroid 110 land camera. Fashion Photographer William Littman debuted his hand made rangefinder at the 2001 NY Photo Expo Plus. This ragefinder will take on 4×5 to 6×9 film and everything in-between. It was designed for spontaneity, no need for lengthy set up time with the tripod and loupe on the ground glass. It uses the polaroids’ focusing system and your set to shoot.Backing the camera are some of the worlds top photographers like: Patrick Demarchelier, Bruce Weber, and Peter Beard. Even Hollywood is hopping on the train with Director’s Zach Snyder and Gus Van Sant as proud owners. I read that Bryan Adams rocks one and even Angelina Jolie got one for her am photog hubby Brad Pitt, nice choice Angie!Check the owner gallery from the L45S website!

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  1. Dean Jones says:

    As a refreshing alternative to the Littman, the Razzle is not only far less expensive, but offers many options of lenses as well as interchangable 4×5 backs. Custom colours and models including the 110B and 900 with movements vastly improves the camera’s capabilities. Made entirely in Australia since 2001 the Razzle is used by Photo Journalists and high profile photographers worldwide, many now owning as many as five.

  2. CE Nelson says:

    I have been waiting months for my Polaroid 110B “Razzle” conversion to be completed and shipped. Today, I took possession of it and put a test-shot past the Fujinon 150/6.3 I had Dean Jones mount on the camera, replacing the perfectly capable 127mm the 110B originally came with.

    I can’t thank Dean enough for his work. The camera is robust, the output delicious. I highly recommend him.

    Test shot: 1/30″ @ F8, Fujifilm FP-100C45

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