Literally Inspired by Plain T

Illustration by Shintaro Kago    Inspiration; something that stimulates the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art. Inspiration is an autonomous process that we are subjected to each day. Unfortunately many of us rarely include stimulation from an abstract, or disconnected source. We look at Vogue, or Elle for fashion inspiration and flip through Dwell for home decor ideas. What happens if we draw fashion inspiration from many detached sources and apply them in non-literal ways?  The above illustration by Shintaro Kago, is prime matter to be influenced by. Shintaro is a well know erotic grotesque manga artist, who was recently featured in last moths Vice magazine the 4-ACO-DMT issue. This images ability to influence and inspire is limited only by the viewer. One person may have an amazing idea about make up, or a new accessory. Personally, I see footwear inspiration in this image. I wonder how I can apply what’s coming out of her faucets to a lacing scheme on my favorite sneakers. Fastening inspiration from theoretical sources assures that it will be personal to you, stop being literally inspired.

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