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Another photo of the day


It was hard to choose just one image from NYC based photographer “Boogie” for this post. Every image on his site tells such a story about the subjects day to day life, it truly is fascinating. Click here to see more.

Adobe Lens? Hang on to your britches!


Adobe is synonymous with software, but hardware? It’s still in testing stages but Adobe has created a lens that takes 19 different images in a single shot. But what do you get with 19 simultaneous images? 19 depths of field! Along with the software that will come with the lens, you will be able to “paint in” your range(s) of focus. It’s almost too much to comprehend right now, click here for the popular science article. Posted a VIDEO(!) of the sucker in action make sure to check it!


Terry Richardson and Kermit photoshoot


What do you get when you mix a provocative photographer, a reigning streetwear brand, and a certain chartreuse muppet? One not-to-be-missed show, that’s what. On March 3rd, Terry Richardson + Supreme + Kermit opens at Colette (Richardson has shot Supreme campaigns in the past), an photography exhibition featuring Richardson and Kermit, Kermit and a Supreme skate desk, someone dressed as Kermit dressed in Supreme…and just about every other combination of the three imaginable. No longer must you feel shame for being a Sesame Street fan.

PHOTO of the DAY – End of the world

Atomic bomb, explosion,

PHOTO of the DAY – Ice Storm

Ice Storm

Photo Realistic Face Sculptures by Bert Simons

brt_47e97f24165e5.png Someone shared this with me from cpluv. Get a photo-sculpture of your head. I want one of Geronimo. How cute would that be?mo-town-01-01.jpg

PHOTO of the DAY – 03-28-08

surf photographer,

WHAT’s THAT?? – Answer for 2/27/08

Ocean waves.



Photo(s) Of the Day- 2008_03_27- Cass Bird

Cass Bird’s amazing photo shoot for Paper Mag and M.I.A. 


WHAT’s THAT?? – 3/27/08

Can you identify the photo?

Photo(s) Of the Day- 2008_03_26

Things to do with your old albums….. from sleeveface  n718139156_444785_4468.jpgn670245471_2384711_5547.jpg

On Assignment with Amanda Friedman

Earlier this week I had the pleasure and the privilege to assist Amanda Friedman on location here in Portland. She is one of the few photographers today that still shoot entirely film! Her high energy and positive attitude made the job amazingly fun. At the moment I cannot disclose what the shoot was for or who it was of but ill give you a little taste of her skills…
Kari Rowe By Amanda Friedman

Kari Rowe By Amanda Friedman

WHAT’s THAT?? – Answer for 3/25/08

Rusty tools.



Charged! by Plain T

Big dreams need big hair…or at least a little volume. The peak of hair metal and glam rock may have passed, but the big hair, body suits, and supercharged androgyny has found a permanent place in pop culture’s ensemble. Epic groups like the New York Dolls, Motley Crue, and T-Rex made an unmistakable impact on the look of rock and roll across the world.

So having a big head isn’t always bad, right? In fact a magnification in attitude is directly proportionate to the magnification of ones hairstyle, which of course refers to volume, as opposed to density. Its just science. Getting started requires some tools; you will need hair product with a good strong hold and matte or dull finish (we don’t want to look like Ponyboy). Next comes the hardware, a good blow dryer, comb, brush, and flat iron is about all you need to do just about anything. Don’t skimp on your flat iron, a good one will last longer, work much better, and be easier on your hair. So mess it up, piece it out, keep it charged and, oh ya, be ready for and attitude adjustment!

Photo(s) Of the Day- 2008_03_25 – Pieter Hugo

South African photographer Pieter Hugo’s work is just too good to show only one image…

Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo

Vincent Skoglund- Undefined

I had a chance to catch up with my buddy Vincent Skoglund. He recently reworked his website and you can see it here.

I see in your “BIO” section of your website you have entered your bio as “When not traveling, Vincent Skoglund lives in Stockholm, Sweden” I was hoping to get more of a background story about you. Where you grew up, things you were interested in as a kid, the first time you got busted by the cops, the first time you picked up a camera and decided in that moment you wanted to be a photographer.

I grew up in Falun about 2 hrs north of Stockholm on the countryside. I was, as a kid really interesting in drawing and painting. I also remeber that I wanted to be a boss or an artist when I grew up. I guess that being a self-employed photographer that is as close as I can get. I got busted by the cops when I did my first graffiti on a wall in a parking garage. There was only one window of a flat that could see us. That one flat hosed the chief of police in falun. So 3 cop cars busted us. That was pretty much it for my short-lived graffiti career.

Snowboarding has been a big part of your career. Could you make a connection to how snowboarding has help you evolve as a photographer?

Most of all Snowboarding has been a fantastic way of learning about people, the world and life in general. All the travels and new discoveries. This is what has had the biggest impact on me. Photography-wise, shooting as much as I did when I did snowboarding full time was really what made me evolve. I started young so it was like a life school. Also the commisions from snowboarding companies was so loose there was so much room to be creative. The brief would be like “Vincent, we love your photography just keep doing it”. It was also open for any type of photography, portraits, landscapes, action, life…

In the past 10 years, what would you say has been your most memorable snowboard trip/ shoot?

2 years ago I had a funny and hectic schedule. It was a trip around the world with back to back commitments of very different kinds. Something like this:

1. Paris opening of the Adicolor exhibition. 2 days.

2. Vermont. Shooting, read hunting, Shaun White at the US open. During the pipe contest. For Burton snowboards. 3 days.

3. Whistler, Shooting with Jussi Oksanen and Tadashi Fuse in the Backcountry. A really heavy sled mission since we got a few feet of fresh pow. 6 days.

4. Miami, Shooting tennis with Boris Becker. 2 days.

5. Hong kong, Opening of the adicolor exhibition and press. 3 days.

Adicolor– is an amazing body of work, can you give me a brief explanation of the assignment?

23 different artists around the world got invited to do a shoe and a tracksuit each based on a color. On a 6 week trip around the world I went to meet most of the artists involved in the adicolor project. It turned out to be a fantastic trip of inspiration and great people. Meeting the artists in the places were they work and were they get their inspiration. Since they all have different backgrounds, they have very different ways of being creative, that was great to see. Creativity is the red line that ties everyone together.

The comission from Adidas, was to make my own creative interpretation of the artists, places and the adicolor project in general. Very much a dream job that resulted in little bit more than 100 prints, that got exhibited around the world.

On the WeSC headphone campaign (girls plugged into a pineapple) you are listed as Photographer/ Art Direction. Could explain the new role of Art Director and what it means to you?

It is interesting for me to shoot ideas I am interested in.

The Burton Un-Inc portraits are amazing, the set looks very art directed and I am sure there are some stories here. Can you share a story about the Un – Inc work. (Romain and Gigi with puppies)

Thanks, I worked together with Lance Violette on that shoot. Really fun. We bounced some ideas back an forth a few weeks ahead of the shoot and came up with the night / day concept which is inspired by 60’s music covers and 80’s heavy metal covers. Then all the puppies and kittens shows up as well, with their owners. It was a fun shoot!

I get a feeling there is nothing in the world that scares you physically, mentally or creatively. The Svenska spel work has some amazing post production work, the JC work is a challenge in the lighting and action and Nike and Burton have you on top of a mountain, that I am sure is sketchy. How do you keep focus and creativity? Maybe a comparison between these very different shoots and how they are similar and different.

Lots of times on commercial shoots it is about improving what I got in front of me as much as possible. Making sure the angle, light, composition etc is as good as possible. Of course there is also a thought process before that is very important, to make sure that I do it the right way. I like to get to meet with the art director ahead of the shoot to take the ideas the extra mile and be as good as possible. JC and Svenska spel was well planned ahead of the shoot. With the Nike work we got locations that looked good, then it’s about making it something special. The Burton latest campaign I did for them was with a very snap / reportage approach. That was so much fun. Being in the right place at the right time. Try to get moments that convey the great and fun things about snowboarding.

It is funny how Art Buyers may put a shooter into a category. Categories may include Portrait, Lifestyle, Fashion and Editorial. In a good way I have no way of stereotyping your work, you pull it all off so well! When you think of your work and where you are heading, can you categorize yourself? What interests you in all these types of photography?

I am not really interested in categorizing myself. I like the idea that it is not so much about what you shoot as to how you approach it and how it feels when you look at it.

I hate to do the cliché question but I think it is still a good one for you, when you think of the future, 5 years, 10 years down the road, where do you see yourself going?

I am currently working on a few different personal projects. Having the first of the second solo exhibition with the series “Lightyears” in a few weeks. This exhibition will go from there on some kind of tour. A group show at the Art Basel in NYC as well, with prints from the “Lightyears” series. I am in also putting together a book about the snowboarding life and the people around it. Looking at what interests me at the moment I think I will be doing lots more series that will evolve from the “Lightyears” series. I will become more personal with my work as well.

Thanks Vincent for your insight! I hope to connect soon!



Vincent Skoglund- LIGHTYEARS April 10th-May 4th, 2008

Vincent Skoglund- LIGHTYEARS April 10th-May 4th, 2008

If you happen to get to Sweden during the week of April 10th, check out Vincent Skoglund’s show LIGHTYEARS! showing at the galleri-kleerup.

WHAT’s THAT?? – 3/25/08

Can you guess what this is?

Baryshnikov behind the camera!

Baryshnikov behind the camera!

Baryshnikov’s newest incarnation is as a Photographer. Yes, I am talking about that Baryshnikov. Twinkle toes, White Nights star, Russian renaissance man.  Have I given away my affinity for him? He was just in Portland last year for a performance at Pica’s TBA festival. I was this close to seeing him live, but had to give away my ticket and go out of town on short notice. I may never get a chance to see him dance, but now I have the opportunity to see his photography of dance. For his latest project, Mikael Baryshnikov worked with choreographer Merce Cunningham taking photographs of his troupe. The photos are beautiful, conveying emotion, color and movement. Check out this NY Times slideshow/interview about his exhibit here

And for your viewing pleasure, a little reminder of his genius… [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.489246&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] from posted with vodpod

PHOTO of the DAY – 2008_03_24

bikini, quiet life, camera club, sun bathing, cherlyn Licas

brought to us by the Quit Life Camera Club and Cherlyn Licas.

Nemo’s Easter Party

Nemo’s first party of the year was a blast. Our white studio was christened with “the blood of christ” for Easter morn. Lots of sweaty dancing and happy faces, well, except when TG was shining the 15 watt video light in your eyes….   [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.489185&w=425&h=350&fv=] posted with vodpod

Frozen Fish – Josh Letchworth on assignment

josh letchworthjosh letchworthjosh letchworth

“Back in the day” we used to have Pen Pals. Today, we Twitter, IM and email all our friends and colleagues. Josh Letchworth has been sending me the Eye Candy to keep me stoked up while I jockey my desk at Nemo Design. Josh is living at sea level doing the STANDARD magazine project. Recently, Ski Doo brought him up to the mountain to shoot snowmobiles and he shared some of his thoughts and shots from the adventure in Yellowstone:You know, now I understand the “fish out of water” feeling TG was getting when he was down in the keys for the Nike shoot last spring. In December, I had the chance to shoot up in West Yellowstone for Ski Doo. Yes it was cold, there was a lot of snow and I quickly learned that jeans and a pair of flip flops just wouldn’t cut it. So, before i left, I made this laundry list of questions to ask Trevor about how to survive out there. He kindly replied with some vital info and many links to REI’s website. Thanks, now I am addicted to buying really cool stuff that i will never use. Love it. The trip was great. I actually really enjoyed shooting in those conditions once I got in my rhythm. It was all about having the right stuff at the right time…like fingerless gloves, pocket warmers, lithium batteries and a good backpack. i found it nice to not be sweating, salty and sunburned. The light bounced around off the snow like a giant studio and when it did get cloudy, at least the light was even. I guess that’s what is fun about life sometimes….stepping outside of your comfort zone. You always come back a bit more perspective on things. I’d go back to shoot in the snow anytime, just have the fire burning and the hot toddy ready by 5. -josh josh letchworth ski doo shootjosh letchworth ski doo shootjosh letchworth ski doo shoot

PHOTO of the DAY – Dragon Fly photogram

dragon fly, nemo design,

PHOTO of the DAY – Lunch

snake attack