HDRI: The experiment. pt.1

High Dynamic Range Imaging, I stumbled on this technique late last week on a random blog site. After looking at the stunning images and it all instantly clicked. Images I’ve seen in sports ads, fashion magazines, and even some recent movies all have used this technique to some degree. What high dynamic range imaging allows the photographer/filmer to do is really make use of all available light values and merge them into a single image.

Say your out on the beach, gorgeous scenery, got your babe or dude with you, and a beautiful fading sunset. Photo op! Problem is you only have your camera and tripod, no flash. There will be no way to properly expose to get your subject lit without blowing out the background. Bummer. That’s where HDRI comes in. Essentially you shoot for all exposures you think you will need to show up. Ex: your subject, the sky, the water, sand, etc… You take your images and run em through photoshop or any HDRI specific program, and after some toggling of values, gamma, highlights and shadows you come out with an amazing image of your sweetie pie, everything perfectly exposed in one image!

The fun thing about HDRI is you can take a would be crappy photo and take it to another world. You could use it as mellow or as crazy as you want. From getting the shot of your sweetheart at the beach, to taking your ugly boring backyard and making it look like a surreal nightmare dream-scape, which is exactly what I did for my little experiment in HDRI. (minus the babe at the beach, had to go for the backyard… sigh.)

(click image)

As you can see, looking pretty creepy. Mind you this was all solely for experimentation to see if would even work. I set up my camera took 3 exposures, quick and dirty, ran it through the software, toggled the values, and bam, a horrific moody backyard setting. This is only a taste of what I’ll post in the coming weeks.

Things like this always get me stoked on photography, it never gets old, there is always something new to learn. I get bored quite easily so taking something I love and giving it a fresh face, doesn’t get any better than that.

I’ll keep ya posted on more shots soon!

-Alex M.

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  1. HDR is a technique that’s easily abused, in fact it can be used to horrible effect

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