Elephant – Art Brewer

Elephant Boy- Art Brewer

For the holidays I had the pleasure of recieving an original print from Art Brewer legendary surf photog! I am a hard guy to buy for but I have to hand it to my wife for getting me something I would appreciate. 

Elephant Boy- Art Brewer

I love this shot for a few reasons:

1. The composisiton has alot of tension. The way  left side of the wave curls, it makes me wonder if the elephant pushed the water into a wave or if the elephant and  rider are in essence “surfing”  the wave.

2. When is the last time  you saw an elephant swim?

3. What is the boy looking at off camera? Could it be more elephants swimming?

Art is showing he is more than a jock, get the action,  shooter! This is a National Geographic moment.

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