NEMO Studio get a Patrick Swayze facelift

Patrick Swayze

Nemo traditional takes time off at the end of the year to let all the team players go snowboarding and do what they do. With the studio empty, it is a great time to take on the big project of updating the space. As most projects at Nemo this one also has a theme of inspiration. Voyeurism. The spark of inspiration was” Dirty Old Men”. However, voyeurism seems to cover that and then some. The nature of photography is voyeuristic as is invades our personal space and gives an outsider a look into the subject. The doors will have two way mirrored windows so on lookers can see what is going on in the studio but the crew in to the studio won’t know they are being observed. There is an obtrusive side to photography and instead of denying we choose to celebrate it. As the space is decked out, we will share more images.

nemo studio rendering

nemo studio rendering

nemo studio rendering

6 Responses to “NEMO Studio get a Patrick Swayze facelift”

  1. Kendrick says:

    Patrick Swayze was one of my favorite actors. i always watch his last television series which is The Beast.

  2. acnegurlash says:

    Patrick Swayze is one of the best actors in Hollywood and we are going to miss him.

  3. Kyle Bailey says:

    Patrick Swayze is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, he would surely be missed by a lot of his fan.

  4. i remember Patrick Swayze with Jennifer Grey on Dirty Dancing movie:*-

  5. farewell Patrick Swayze, we will really miss this very talented guy'”*

  6. of course patrick swayze is a very talented guy and he is also a very handsome actor *

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