Mertz + Nike ACG

Recently I had the opportunity to go on a week long solo photo mission
with Nike ACG and their athletes. We spent our time up at Timberline
for the riders to get on-hill testing for next years outerwear. Here in the
states we don’t see much of Nike ACG winter outerwear (with the
exception of the sweet ass jacket Nemo helped design!) all we get here
is generic granola gear. (is that safe to say on here?? hehe.) Not the
case in Europe, ACG is killing it with a wild line and a rad team of
all European riders.

true NW fashion it pissed rain like hell everyday, which made for loads
of feedback from athlete to developer on the gear. Alas, pissing rain
or not, we suited up, slapped high 5’s and dropped in. There were uber
exxtreme backies, races to the chairlift and endless shenanigans to
capture daily. It was great kicking it with everyone, learning cuss
words in French, making fun of Irwin the Dutch guy for being so damned
evil, being force fed bottle after bottle of wine at dinners and having
loads of fun with everyone else while taking care “da bizz”.
Big thanks to Trevor and Dona for helping out!

Word em up.


ACG athlete Mirjam, producer Jimmy and I flew to Pendleton,OR to check out the wool factory.
Pendleton wool and Nike ACG did a collaboration and designed the native
american pattern you saw on some of the jackets and blanket. They
wanted to film Mirjam’s trip there and try to get some ski shots, but again
snow conditions were not in our favor, being that there was NO snow in
or out of town, so we just hit the factory. Peep it.

Leave it to the Euros to buy cowboy hats and wanna hit up the Indian casino. Gotta love it.

Thanks again to everyone involved!


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